OSeMOSYS the Open Source Energy Modelling System


 Looking for a :

  • Simple, powerful and transparent toolkit with
  • Open, well documented code to produce a 
  • Free optimization energy model that is
  • Transportable to other platforms?

Then OSeMOSYS may be the energy modelling SOFTware toolkit for you. It is build by a community of leading institutions and ideal for academic investigations, powerful energy systems analysis and protoyping new energy model formulations. (This type of software is typically used for the analysis of energy systems looking over the medium (10-15yrs) and long (50-100yrs) term.)

New version of OSeMOSYS released ! 

The latest version includes improvements in the processing time, reduced memory usage, and a reordered index for compatibility with an interface currently in development. 

Click here to register and download OSeMOSYS: 

We also have a (brand new) discussion forum kindly hosted by COMMEND here:

OSeMOSYS is designed with several 'blocks' of abstraction to aid easy maintenance, development and transport to other platforms. 

Collaborating insitutions: 

IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency]

PSI   [Paul Scherrer Institute]

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