OSeMOSYS the Open Source Energy Modelling System

Global CLEWD Model

On 1 July, 2014 the United Nations, in New York, launched what it called "the first and only comprehensive, global report on sustainable development": the Global Sustainable Development Report. Chapter 6 of the report in particular focuses on an integration framework that helps make decisions more efficient and consistent. The Climate, Land use, Energy & Water Development Nexus framework (CLEWD) was initiated by KTH-dESA staff (with partners). Amongst others, a global CLEW model (called GLUCOSE) was developed in collaboration with UNDESA with KTH researchers Constantinos Taliotis and Manuel Weirich. The GLUCOSE model was, in addition, programmed in the by KTH-dESA developed Open Source energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). The full model can be found below.

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