OSeMOSYS the Open Source Energy Modelling System

Feature request

 OSeMOSYS is a toolkit that requires a text file to run and produces a text file with results. A special results file in comma separated (CSV) format is also produced.

A new interface for OSeMOSYS has been launched. OSINDA (OSeMOSYS Interface and Database), is a Microsoft Access-based environment to replace the OSeMOSYS data files and provide graphical analyses of results. OSINDA can downloaded from the link below

Size : 9474.413 Kb
Type : zip

We would like your feedback on the newly launched interface, OSINDA. To suggest new features or let us know about modules that you have developed, please use the the OSeMOSYS discussion forum on the COMMEND website (link below) or by sending a message to osemosys@gmail.com

In addition to OSINDA, another new interface is in the pipeline, in order to test out some experimental designs. Please let us know your opinion in the online poll below

OSeMOSYS discussion forum

Notepad ++ is a free and open source text editor: 

New initiatives are underway to develop other intuative graphical user interfaces. 

The Long Range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) tool uses OSeMOSYS to generate optimal power generation scenarios. LEAP has a powerful and user friendly interface. LEAP compiles an input text file, runs OSeMOSYS, generates results and incorperating them into its easy to its powerful results viewing components.  

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