OSeMOSYS the Open Source Energy Modelling System

Development plan 

 Updated 2012 05 28.

Quarterly development plan: 2012 Q2. Please jump to the discussion forum to contribute!
1. Develop a final version of OSeMOSYS 2012.06 (Classic). The goal is for it to be extreamely clear and very easy for developers to pick up and use. It will incorperate some new features (listed below) but will however be a little 'bloated'(i.e. memory intensive).

2. Following versions will focus simultaneously on better performance and new feature incorporation. (Previous versions up until 2012.06 have focused on features.) Ideas, tests and results on speeding things up will be presented at IEW 2012 OSeMOSYS side event. 

Key additions to 1. Based on various requests and ongoing efforts, additions will include adding time dependent capacity factors to model variable generation; multi-region representation; better generic modelling of storage and related investment decisions; and a generic MIP (i.e. mixed integer programming) formulation to enable more appropriate discrete capacity additions. The ease of use has been at the expense of speed, however people have been developing useful demonstrations of new model formulations. Those have been of a standard where they churn out peer reviewed publications and test new ideas far faster than in traditional frameworks. It seems therefore that the bloat has not been without advantages, however it is probably also time to move on to better performance.
A beta version of OSeMOSYS 2012.06 was released by the 1st of June. Suggestions for changes in 2012.06+ will be collated at the IEW meeting and via web discussions.
Key additions to 2. Are based on folk developing larger models and the observation that we can develop much smaller matrices when modelling with more efficient, though less transparent code. Apart from an initial index switch to support an easier interface integration with ANSWERthe data file will be the same as in (1: OSeMOSYS 2012.06 ) for the foreseeable (note the LP irony) future, thus aiding efforts related to achieving speedier model configurations while keeping a clear grip on the formulation when needed.


 News Archive ...(last updated 2012.05.28)

  • The journal Energy Policy accepts a multi-author article describing its ethos, structure and development. (The link will be posted when available.)
  • LEAP (the Long Range Energy Alternatives Planning) tool integrates OSeMOSYS to calculate least cost electricity expansion alternatives. (Press release)
  • Two OSeMOSYS based papers are accepted at the International Energy Workshop (IEW) to be held at Stanford 2011.07.06-08


Past meetings ... (and supporting docs)

  • 2011.07.08 15:45-17:05.  A special OSeMOSYS side event is to be held at the IEW meeting. 
  • 2010.06.22. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (KTH). OSeMOSYS side event.
  • 2011.03.24-25. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (KTH). OSeMOSYS steering committee meeting.
  • 2010.02.22-24. Oxford University. The first OSeMOSYS meeting takes place hosted by the UK ERC.


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