OSeMOSYS the Open Source Energy Modelling System

 On this page you will find the successive versions of OSeMOSYS developed from the original code. These older versions include improvements in functionality as well bug fixes and serve to trace the progress of OSeMOSYS.

To download the latest version(s) of OSeMOSYS, please click on the link below

OSeMOSYS Version History 
OSeMOSYS Versions.pdf OSeMOSYS Versions.pdf
Size : 196.225 Kb
Type : pdf

Current Change Log 

ChangeLog 2013_05_10.pdf ChangeLog 2013_05_10.pdf
Size : 484.034 Kb
Type : pdf

OSeMOSYS_2013_04_30 and UTOPIA sample data file 

OSeMOSYS_2013_04_30.txt OSeMOSYS_2013_04_30.txt
Size : 46.153 Kb
Type : txt
UTOPIA_2013_04_30.txt UTOPIA_2013_04_30.txt
Size : 46.971 Kb
Type : txt

OSeMOSYS_2013_03_14 and UTOPIA sample data file 

OSeMOSYS_2013_03_14.txt OSeMOSYS_2013_03_14.txt
Size : 46.337 Kb
Type : txt
UTOPIA_2013_03_14.txt UTOPIA_2013_03_14.txt
Size : 46.971 Kb
Type : txt

OSeMOSYS_2012_06_01_BETA  and UTOPIA sample data file

OSeMOSYS_2012_06_01_BETA.txt OSeMOSYS_2012_06_01_BETA.txt
Size : 45.659 Kb
Type : txt
UTOPIA_2012_06_01_BETA.txt UTOPIA_2012_06_01_BETA.txt
Size : 48.354 Kb
Type : txt

OSeMOSYS_2011_11_08 and UTOPIA sample data file 

OSeMOSYS_2011_11_08.txt OSeMOSYS_2011_11_08.txt
Size : 34.211 Kb
Type : txt
UTOPIA_2011_11_08.txt UTOPIA_2011_11_08.txt
Size : 39.678 Kb
Type : txt
GAMS translation of OSeMOSYS

Anyone who has been using OSeMOSYS (in its GNU Mathprog version) and wishes to use the GAMS version can use the code presented in the working paper below, with an appropriate data/model file. This working paper focuses on translating the open source OSeMOSYS code into the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS). This enables users of OSeMOSYS to be able to use potentially more powerful commercial solvers for solving large scale energy system models. There is also a small result extraction code at the end of the working paper which will enable the user to write a comma separated (CSV) file with all the output variables necessary for analysing the optimization results.

The GAMS translation of OSeMOSYS was done by Ken Noble (Noble-Soft Systems Pty Ltd)

OSeMOSYS in GAMS WP dESA 2012.pdf OSeMOSYS in GAMS WP dESA 2012.pdf
Size : 228.747 Kb
Type : pdf

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